SERAC has been involved in the ration pack industry for a period of over 15 years. SERAC has developed into the largest African based manufacturing and assembly concern supplying Meals Ready to Eat.

THE SERAC GROUP (TSG) gained valuable experience in the manufacturing of items for ration packs, and subsequently the range was extended from porridge, soup, lactose, and isotonic drinks to the current range which includes hot beverages, condiments, fruit bars, dried fruit, peanut and nut butter, nut mixes, muesli, biscuits, flameless ration heaters, fuel tablets, accessories and our range of Meals Ready to Eat. Over the years TSG has manufactured some 250 million items




Stephen Weir started SERAC nutritional products (SNP), an operation focused on food products.
The company initially produced powdered drink product

Company purchased it’s first machines.

Started supplying SOUTH AFRICAN National Defence Force (SANDF).


Purchased high speed sachet packer.


Launched powdered drinks and captured 10% of local market.


Launched yeast and savoury products in the local market. Acquired additional machines to pack SANDF creamer, sugar, coffee and other products


Purchased machine to pack sauces for SANDF. Purchased additional high speed machines. Consulted with SOUTH AFRICAN National Defence Force (SANDF)on required specifications


Commenced with the packing of ration pack trays. Gained 5% market share in instant dry yeast. Grew market share in powdered drinks. TSG acquired the business of SERAC Marketing. The shareholder at the time - Mr ME Weir retired at 82 years old.


Manufactured and packed 90 000 ration pack trays. Launched a range of soup products. Launched porridge to commercial market.


Tendered for SANDF ration packs for first time. Launched the SERAC Noodle Snack. Developed and packed fruit and nut products.


Launched Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) and pouch meals. Developed a range of MRE’s (ready to eat meals) prepared for retail launch.


Became the leading African supplier for SANDF compliant packs.


1 200 000 ration packs were supplied to customers. Moved into newly built premises - 29000 square feet purpose built factory for food production and packaging. Attained FSSC 22000 certification. Full quality control and management systems.


Purchase of new machinery. International expansion. New product ranges


2019 new product development

Flavoured oats porridges

Various muesli mixes

Peanuts 3 year SHELF LIFE

Trail mixes

Dry fruit mixes

Various snack mixes

New range of bars


Vegetarian dishes

New biscuits

Meal redevelopment 400g

The Tactical light series

Flameless ration heaters


We take great pride in offering the best nutrition and delicious meals, suited to any preference worldwide.

We understand that combined with physical activity, your diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of disease, promote your overall health, growth and tissue repair as well as provide all the energy required to sustain you for your active and challenging day.

We provide the nutrition you need to achieve your peak performance. Our menus ensure maintaining healthy weights as calories are meticulously calculated to sustain you for your day as well as being high in fibre.

Besides for well-balanced nutrition, deficiencies in some key nutrients - such as vitamin A, B, C and E, Zinc, Iron and selenium can weaken parts of your immune system that we regard as crucial when designing your menu.


Our mouth-watering meals are cooked by top South African chefs, offering flavoursome home-style cooking wherever you are.

Healthy breakfasts, delicious beverages, nutritious snacks and important electrolytes replenish you and treat you throughout the day. 

Whether you enjoy savoury or sweet, curry or stew, pasta or meatballs, vegetarian or delicious desserts there is something for everybody with our vast range of meals.

And to top it all, our famous cookies together with our healthy and interesting snacks you could not ask for more.


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